Accounting Support

Accounting Support vs Bookkeeping

The difference between the two is simply a reasonable judgement call on amount performed. Both entail the exact same types of work.

If you are stuck on a bank reconciliation and need help, that is Accounting Support. If this happens 8/12 months of the year, that is specific bookkeeping.

If you drop off a box of receipts and tell The Frosty Squirrel to get to work, that is general bookkeeping.

With this in mind, accounting support is allowed for audits during the year. Potential self review must be carefully monitored by the auditor if they will be providing accounting support and for this reason they may seem that they do not want to help with an issue. This is a good reason why a third party can be very handy for the accounting support aspect.


Simply put, if you need to put all those numbers into software to create financial information we can do it.

Having significant experience in the following accounting software:

  • Sage50
  • Quickbooks
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Freshbooks
  • Excel/Spreadsheets
    (yes, it is one of the best for smaller entities)
  • Xero
  • Wave

If you do not see your accounting software on this list do not worry, Frosty Squirrel likely can still help. Overall all the accounting software are similar in nature and are just are different types of nuts in the bag of mixed nuts.

If you don’t have an accounting software currently or feel a great desire to change, we can assist with choosing the best one for your situation. And if needed assistance in a transition to new software that better fits your needs.


The cost compared to a firm that specializes in bookkeeping will be higher.

This is because The Frosty Squirrel is a CPA firm and not bookkeepers. But you can rest assured the books will be completed accurately and in a timely manner.

Remote assistance is the first step for most cases to keep costs down.

On site support is also available at addition of additional expenses and minimal fees.

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