Frosty Squirrel
Professional Corporation

Profile: Adrian GJ Hodgson, CPA, CA

I have had a wide breadth of positions prior to my career as a chartered accountant. This allows me to understand various industries and technologies from a wider view point. Having lived or worked across Canada throughout my life, from Fredericton to Inuvik to Vancouver, I have developed connections and knowledge of the different cultures throughout Canada.

Graduating from the University of New Brunswick with double honours in Accounting and Finance and a concentration in Marketing I moved to Calgary in 2012. Passing the UFE in 2014, I continued my career with Paul Teoh Chartered Professional Accountants for 7 years, 7 months and 7 days.

Once my time at Paul’s had mutually ended, I chose to create Frosty Squirrel Professional Corporation rather than be lost in the corporate world. Hoping to create a bigger impact on the world than sitting in an office for the rest of my life.

Why should I go with Frosty Squirrel?

A complex question like this cannot be answered easily in a static form. For this reason it is recommend that you contact Frosty Squirrel directly to discuss your specific situation.

In general the following reasons may be applicable to your situation;

  • As a small firm this allows us to treat you are a person/people rather than simply a company
  • Specialize in working with Native Bands and Organizations
  • Experience in PSAB, ASPE, IFRS and Audit

What is with the naming?

CPA rules dictate that the professional corporation is required to operate a firm that is not the same name as the owner (ie Adrian Hodgson Professional Corporation).

Therefore the incorporated company name is Frosty Squirrel Professional Corporation for legal purposes and Frosty Squirrel Chartered Professional Accountant for the operating firm purposes.

In most contexts Professional Corporation and Charter Professional Accountant are interchangeable.

No, Why the Name Frosty Squirrel?

Because Adrian Hodgson Professional Corporation is too boring. There are many other reasons, but this is one of the main reasons.

Additionally, with a clientele based in mainly the NWT it became apparent that squirrels do not natively live in the north, thus making any squirrels traveling to the north fairly frosty.

Lastly, the term “Stay Frosty” is used to indicate the need to stay alert and aware in dangerous situations. This is something that is very relevant to our practice. If we become complacent in the way we deal with issues, changes or technologies we will simply fall behind and be less effective.