Start-Up Assistance

Anyone starting up a company knows the pains and the learning curve for all aspects of the company. Well rounded individuals are normally the most successful when starting up a company or those with the ability to outsource the items they don’t know.

Start-Up Assistance

Many questions plague the mind of the new founders:

  • When should I incorporate? What is the benefit of incorporation?
  • What accounting software should I use? Should I perform payroll in house?
  • How do I expand my operations? When should I hire more employees?
  • How much should I pay myself? How does payroll work for owners?
  • Where can I find x to do y job? How much should I pay this person?
  • We need financial projections, what are financial projects?
  • How do we manage cash and ensure we don’t become insolvent?

All these questions and many others are all part of the financial side of running a company. While all these can be answered with some time and research, most would prefer to “stay in their lane” and work on the aspects of the company they excel at and leave the Excel sheet to the accountant. 

With this in mind, most normal people do not enjoy performing the financial duties of the company and would rather outsource this aspect of the company. While this does sound significantly like the above section regarding services, most start ups are not at that stage that they need that amount of help and also cannot afford it.

Frosty Squirrel can assist on a case by case basis for your company in various stages. While a compilation may be more appropriate for some organizations others may benefit more from start up assistance. A discussion of your needs would be needed to determine the best fit.

This service is often tied directly to our Management Services Page

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