Start-Up Assistance

Anyone starting up a company knows the pains and the learning curve for all aspects of the company. Well-rounded individuals are normally the most successful when starting up a company or those with the ability to outsource the items they don’t know.

Guiding you on your startup path is something we do with many of our clients, not everyone has the skills out of the gate to handle everything within a startup. While we certainly do not have all these skills we assist with identifying problems and providing solutions to our clients, company structure, reducing stress, and handling the basic accounting.

This service would be a Managerial Advisory Lite that is directed at the less experienced business owner.

Start-Up Assistance

Many questions plague the mind of the new founders:

  • When should I incorporate my company? What are the benefits of incorporation?
  • What accounting software should I use? Should I perform payroll in-house?
  • How do I expand my operations? When should I hire more employees?
  • How much should I pay myself? How does payroll work for owners?
  • Where can I find x to do y job? How much should I pay this person?
  • We need financial projections, what are financial projects?
  • How do we manage cash and ensure we don’t become insolvent? What is insolvency vs bankruptcy?

All these questions and many others are part of running a company. While all these can be answered with some time and research, most would prefer to “stay in their lane” and work on the aspects of the company they excel at and leave the Excel sheet to the accountant.

Frosty Squirrel may be able to assist, depending on the stage your company is in. While a compilation service may be more appropriate for some organizations others may benefit more from start-up assistance before going into full managerial advisory services. A discussion of your needs would be needed to determine the best fit from the packages below.


Monthly+ is a standard monthly meeting and meetings as needed, within reason.
*Unlimited is determined to be a reasonable amount of inquiries per period.
**Volume of transactions included is below 100 per month.

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